my resume

I have attached a link to my attempt at making a resume. This is the first resume that i have written so it is not that great yet. Now that i have one written this resume I look foreword to editing it in the near future to make it better and to add any new accomplishments as achieve them.

Why am I taking Digital History

Hello, my name is Ike Copperthite, I am a junior here at the University of Mary Washington.  I am a History major and also pursuing a minor in museum studies.  One of the first reasons that I am taking this class is because it counts for both my major and my minor. This is more of a technicality that allows me to take this class though.  I am very interested in digital history even though it is a concept that is very new to me.  I realize that we live in an increasingly digital age but I have been behind the curve on this my whole life.  I have, and still do, live on a farm in Orange county Virginia.  Because there is no good internet in this area we still work off of an ancient dial-up internet connection that only works part of the time.  In my time in college I have been working to catch up with the digital age and have seen much of its potential for being helpful in life.  Therefore I am taking this class to better understand what digital history is and how to use it.  Also, I am fascinated with 3-d printers and have wanted to learn how to use one ever since I learned of their existence.

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